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A Week In Comments (Can't Wait For Next Monday!)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Connecticut Senator Searching For "Rape Scene" In GTA IV
Comment by: Nobuyuki
Nominated by: Kokatu

Oh man, you guys totally missed the rape scene. You get like a million points for it too.

Denis Dyack Tells Too Human Trolls "Put Up Or Shut Up"
Comment by: okenny :)
Nominated by: Madeira


I'm all for people calling out internet stupidity as they see fit. The people he's talking to know who they are. It's fucking stupid that we have to live like this in human society. I live through these pins and needles moments at work daily where someone says something that's so true but "everyone" knows it's corporate suicide, burning bridges... the bullshit flows. We read fairy tales about the king with no close to learn values like having the courage to speak out and we quickly denounce someone who does so.

I'll sure I'm not the first to feel this way but it may not be the optimal business strategy (and really, whose to say it isn't) but God bless Mr. Dyack for standing up to a literal hoard of unbridled idiots who shoot off the mouth words of absolute ignorance. He has the kind of courage I would want if I invested years of my life into making something I believed was amazing.


Ever Re-Name A Video Game?
Comment by: Polterg3ist
Nominated by: Luis

When I was a young boy, everyone in my family called my original gameboy, perhaps out of spite or some form of perverse humor, the "Nofriendo". I curl up and cry in my bed nightly to this day.


Connecticut Senator Searching For "Rape Scene" In GTA IV
Comment by: wild homes is weathering...
Nominated by: 天雷

We haven't really acquitted ourselves very well, here. Most people have been pretty reasonable, or have done well to take the whole thing lightly— to simply laugh it off, because it absolutely IS ridiculous. Nothing will come of it, except possibly for a little coverage on Fake News or the Glenn Beck hour or whatever. So it's because of just that— the absolutely PREPOSTEROUS nature of the story— that the more disgusting comments in this thread are all the more abhorrent. Do any of you (and mind, this doesn't apply to most of us, just to the idiots) really think it's OK to call this woman a whore? A bitch? I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest this woman might be older than a lot of you— did your parents raise you to think it was OK to talk shit about your elders, even when they're wrong, possibly even clueless? The neat thing about what this woman does for a living is that she has to follow rules. She can't just go and outlaw whatever she wants, or create new holidays for random crap— there are procedures for doing things. I just wish there were procedures around here to stop some of you from being douchebags whenever gaming comes under fire— even if the fire is coming from a completely confused congresswoman with an idea powerful as a Nerf gun.


Hey Girls! Become a Boogie Superstar!
Comment by: elementary
Nominated by: bigman88zz

The worst part is they don't even let their staff wear flip-flops. Casual Studios my Ass!


Let Pokemon Show You The Haruhi Dance
Comment by: kidnicky
Nominated by: DavidRS


I can clear that up for you. You see, these little characters are monsters from a new Game Boy game called Pokemon. It looks like it's going to be a hot new fad.


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