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Predict The Mature Content In Fight Night Champion
Comment by: Ackbar-is-The-Boss
Nominated by: madammina


A demonic spirit will overcome the announcer and he will say "FINISH HIM"

Your character will then rip his opponent's legs off and use them to beat the remains of his body into a pool of blood.


How To Piss Off An Entire Nation With One Virtual Bullet
Comment by: tempered_edge
Nominated by: Slatz_Grobnik

Those silly backward commies!

Why can't they understand that it's just a game, like most intelligent Americans do? Why, I bet that if someone made a game where they included edgy, realistic, modern enemies for the US army... let's call them "Taliban"... as playable characters who could then shoot at virtual US soldiers, why, I wager everyone in the US would just shrug and let it pass without comment!

Marine Firing Squad Shoots Up Xbox 360
Comment by: OTCIXS
Nominated by: Alaa

Back when I was deployed in the Caribbean Sea interdicting drug smugglers and illegal immigrants, we would have morale shoots every so often.

We'd pretty much broadcast a message say where it would be held and what times a day beforehand (obviously to let people know to stay away). The first time we just threw 2 barrels in the ocean and let loose on it (12 gauges, M4's, .45's, .50 cals, 30mm).

The second was more fun. We interdicted about 20 illegal immigrants on a makeshift boat. A few hours after we got everyone onboard our ship, we siphoned all the fuel, oil and other hazardous liquids out of the boat and shot it up. The thing sank in about 5 minutes =D

And yes, these events we all authorized.

Also, before you get all up in arms about a waste of ammo you have to realize ammo does have an expiration date. Being at sea for months at a time drastically shortens that expiration date.


The Original Violent Spectacle Gets Its First Mature Rating
Comment by: adgeman

The story reminds me of the first time I went to see a Thai Boxing event. I'd been advised to not sit in the front row and not to wear a white shirt.

The first event was fine; a good battle between two decent fighters but the second event pitted two local girls against each other. I wasn't looking forward to watching this to be honest as I wasn't quite comfortable with female pugilists. The fight started and the fighter in the white lunged at the other fighter... just as the one in the blue send forth a massive jab and connected with the other girl's jaw. Fight over in less than 20 seconds.

It was an eye-opening evening.

Killing Castro
Comment by: LGalucard

Im surprised how people still try to defend the Castro Regime in Cuba and raised there until i was 12 . and left to the US . Since then ive gone back on numerous occasions to visit relatives and friends(mind i had to endure a lot of hardship and life threatening situations to earn my freedom, now if you think that place is half as good as people who have never stepped once there or attempted to live like a regular citizen within Cuba. Why would people like me risk their lives to get out?)

Now , indeed Batista was bad and everyone wanted to get rid of it but no one wanted a communist Cuba in fact Castro didnt show his communist agenda until after he took over. He fooled everyone and use the money from both poor and wealthy/middle class families to finance his revolution , then decided to confiscate everything. Almost no one was a Batista lover and few got perks from being his supporter most people had honest business that they built up through hard work.

Castro's Cuba had a grace period while the URSS gave the money and resources to sustain his flawed economical and social structure, after that everything started going downhill and we haven't seen the worse of it.

Health Care is a LIE fabricated by communist and socialist groups to spread their ideals. Since the URSS money stopped coming in the Health Care system went down the toilet, there are no resources to provide the necessary health care to the ever growing population. As a young boy i had 3 of my finger nails removed and my head stitched due accidents without any kind of anesthetic cus they had ran out( this is the norm ) There are no enough equipment for doctors to provide preventive care. Getting an X Ray done is quite the odyssey.

People who have gone through graduate studies and are professionals in their fields are force to work in contraband , taxi drivers or pimps cus the government wages wont fulfill their most basic needs.

Do you have any idea how it feels when almost all the females friends (and some males)you left behind have turned to prostitution as an alterntive to have a DECENT (yes decent , i mean having enough to get by) LIFE. Im talking 13-15 yr olds here for God's Sake.

So please spare me the communist dream and the idea of the Cuban paradise cus that place is hell. That man has grinded that country to its bone, stripped it from everything including education , students now get lessons on prerecorded tapes cus teachers wont work cus they cant get enough for food by working in the profession they intended.

So yeah that shot in that game was worth the 60 bucks for me.I fully enjoyed and i have no regrets about it.

I encourage you all to do some research of your own and not believe what the biased media says. Cus is all lies.

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Your post was fantastic, LGalucard. Placing your comment here in A Week In Comments is the least that can be done. I've heard stories from my parents on what happened in Cuba back in the early 60s and I've also heard stories about what has been going on there recently.

It boggles the mind that anyone would think that Castro's regime is anything less than horrible.

Kudos to you.

As for those who feel it's okay to chime in about Cuba because they're from a country that likes to travel to Cuba all the time as tourists *cough*Canada*cough*, it might be best to just keep it to yourself. It'll reduce the chances of sounding like an arrogant, ignorant, and naive jackwad.