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Fallout: New Vegas' First DLC Will Be Xbox-Exclusive
Comment by: meteora3255
Nominated by: Joe

Why is this making everyone so angry. Back in my day we had a console war that many didn't survive. And right after that another. There were third-party exclusives that each side fought tooth-and-nail to defend. There was no crying, this was war. Now we live in a time where there aren't many real third-party exclusives and developers try to bring back shades of forgotten days and everyone goes crazy. You all need to man up, some of us lost friends fighting to give you this world. It was war then, and war now and we all know that war... war never changes.


Final Fantasy XIII Developers Couldn't Cater To Western Tastes
Comment by: GunFlame: What a horrible night for a curse
Nominated by: Helba: Hubris is Humorous.

I'll tell you how to focus to Western gamers Square-Enix, no Japan. It's a simple formula:

Guns + First Person + Multiplayer = Success

Or, alternatively:

Violence + Sex = Success

It's Western Audience 101. Didn't you take the class? Get the memo? Sheesh...

But now in seriousness. Westernization is not what made Final Fantasy the behemoth of a franchise that it is today. And that franchise is not just one that is gobbled up in Japan. It is respected, loved and followed all around the world.

The times when you have failed SE (and the rest), is when you have tried to cater for the West. When these 'popular' features or themes have been shoe-horned into the games. Of chosen as the focal point of your games.

Before Japan tried to be Western, it was Japanese. And when that was the case, Japan was an amazing source of polish, innovation, fun and much more in gaming.

Japan has become stale since it has started to try and emulate tired and unoriginal styles that have been honed and perfected in the West. But why does this work for Western games, because it's expected. The audience has been playing D&D for years, and that's still what they want.

I admire what Square-Enix try to do. They are always trying to do new things. More so than many other companies. Not just in Japan, but in the world. They take a dip into many genres, and, like Valve, have provided what the fans want in Final Fantasy. Look at Advent Children and Dissidia for example. But for that, they see no praise. But that's a different story.

Like Western companies, Japanese companies need to go back to what made there games sell: Because they are Japanese. They are quirky, creative, story driven and beautiful.

From Western markets, we want D&D and Doom, from Japan, we want FF and Secret of Mana. (I know I'm generalizing a lot with those titles).

But it's simple. And I'm amazed that these companies cannot see it. What made your games desirable, is because they were your games. We knew what to expect. And tastes really don't change.

Take a look at Mario, that guy has been running and jumping for nearly 30 years, and we still love it.

Just Dance...Wii...Jersey Shore...Ungh...
Comment by: Squirrelbot3000
Nominated by: mrpibb79

I blame Generation X for this, since they're now the ones creating this kind of thing.
And I'm Gen X.

I am so, so sorry. I really thought my generation would be a shining beacon of hope—instead it's just week-old bacon in a toilet.


Gran Turismo 5 Delayed, Now Coming This "Holiday Season" UPDATE
Comment by: seepheart
Nominated by: Andrefpvs

Polyphony: "Look, we added Kart Racing! We can finally release the game!"

Internet: "Uh, where are the blue shells?"

Polyphony: "... Brb."

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