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Scott Pilgrim's E3 Trailer Blows Our Pixellated Socks Off
Comment by: DrowningInMercy
Nominated by: MonkeyBiz


I saw a trailer on this site called Kotaku, it said,"Forget everything you know about video games." So I did. And it was a load off my mind. Then the trailer tried to sell me a video game, and I didn't know what the hell they were.


Like Fancy Dress Parties and Candy? Modern Warfare Devs are Hiring!
Comment by: immafattie
Nominated by: The Forgetful Brain

I've worked in the game industry for 5 years. 

My first job was at a medium sized developer for THQ. Fairly stable and large. It's great working for large companies because you get to meet a lot of cool people, they pay you on time, and offer you benefits and pleasant working environment. 

Then when that studio went under and was closed, I was unemployed for several months. It was bleak. I didn't think I'd manage to get another job like the one with THQ. 

Thankfully, I did. A year ago, I began working for a small studio. A start-up Indie developer who managed to land their first, major, publishing deal with a TV network. 

People talk about how Indie developers are heart and soul, and how they'd rather work "for fun" and not for money. That's such an ignorant and dangerous philosophy. You can have fun anywhere you work. It doesn't matter if the company is huge and successful. 

Anyway, I began working for this smaller Indie developer on their first console title. It was hell. 

Crappy working conditions. Missed pay-checks. LONG, uncompensated overtime hours. No meals, no parking, no benefits. But hey, it's Indie right? It's all heart and soul, right?

Eventually, the game went under and the studio folded. Everyone lost their jobs. No one got a severence package or even 2 weeks notice. Just ... kaput... your job is gone. Bye. No more money. Thanks for all the free work you did. 

Now, I'm working on my own iPhone games. I've made enough money over the past 5 years to rent an office and hire a junior programmer. Our first game comes out at the end of the year. Our team is small, and so is the game, but so are our overhead and development costs as well. 

We'll see whats to be had in the future. 

As embroiled in controversy that is Infinity Ward... I can only imagine how much of a better alternative it must be. Paid vacation, paid overtime, royalties and profit sharing, matching benefits, the best salaries in the industry, and being able to work on the biggest games out there. To many inexperienced, idealistic wanna be hacks, they say that working for Infinity Ward is selling your soul, a sell out, and the last thing they'd ever do. Good luck keeping that attitude when you go to small developer to small developer... getting ripped off, being forced to work 70 hours a week with no comp. Nothing. 

I'd work for Infinity Ward in a second, and be extremely grateful for the opportunity.

The President May Get The Authority To Kick Us All Offline
Comment by: buckyboy2009
Nominated by: octaslash

He'll successfully prevent nuclear war by stopping hundreds of kids from reaching a 24/25 kill streak in Modern Warfare 2.


Toy Story 3 Movie Review: Childhood's End
Comment by: legendnthemaking
Nominated by: izzy_k

Toy Story...
Have so many wonderful memories of the first movie.

February 1996.

It was my friend's birthday. She was very depressed and was going through a tough time. She was having a hard time adjusting to Chicago and her parents were having a painful separation. Her older sister was doing her thing and her mom was caring for her baby sister.

My friend felt sad and alone. She came over and visited me but I could see the sadness in her face. My mom saw it as well. My mom, being the kind soul she was, spent out of her own money to buy her a cake and she took us and my cousin to see the 1st Toy Story. My friend never forgot this. That friend has now been my wife for 5 years.

My mom loved the 1st Toy Story. We years later would watch it together and my mom would get such a big smile on her face even when she was sick. My mom passed away recently and one day, the 1st movie was on and my wife started crying because she never forgot what my mom did and what a kind sweet person my mom was.

I love the 1st movie as a great film but also for that wonderful memory.

Sorry, I'm a little nostalgic :)

How Long Should We Expect To Play Final Fantasy XIV?
Comment by: Relysis
Nominated by: octaslash


I expect to play it 14 days, at which point I will pass out and die from malnutrition and exhaustion, and my mother will be blamed for my idiocy.


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