Xbox 360 Tan Cosplay
Comment by: Helis
Nominated by: no computers in texas

It costs $400,000 to keep this weapon from RRoDing.... for 10 seconds.

Onlive Subscription Invitations Going Out
Comment by: Batman
Nominated by: octaslash


Summary: The sheer inefficiency of this idea annoys me. It does not take sense to take machines that are getting cheaper and more powerful, and turning them into thin-clients.

Anyone can see that there are severe technical problems trying to send the large amounts of data modern video games require back and forth. Also, if you're one of the unfortunate many with bandwidth caps from ISP, this service could very well halt your internet for a day. Then, there's the issue of translating every game to one service, and properly scaling games to their output. Eventually users will have to be kicked out for scheduled server maintenance, and I'm sure they won't be happy about that.

There are a lot of tech issues are inherent in the idea, but MMOs have solved many of them before, so it could work. But it makes no sense. Gaming PCs are declining in price, chips are getting cheaper and increasingly faster, and graphics requirements aren't increasing at the same rate as they used to. Why on earth would it make sense to take a local task and send it to a centralized group of servers? It increases costs for everyone and is a technically inferior solution. It might make sense to turn cellphones into a thin-client, but not 3+ GHz multi-core computer.

I could go into how lan and dedicated servers are a similar idea, local process that are getting ditched in favor of inefficient centralized servers, but this post is long enough.

Man Spends Six Months Plotting Murder Of Counter-Strike Rival
Comment by: Tiller
Nominated by: NumberOfIcarus

Obviously he meant 2 years in Valve time. Right? RIGHT?

China Rips Off The iPad With The iPed
Comment by: Newestname
Nominated by: lutz

Get two and it's a biped?
Would it be a runaway success?

China Rips Off The iPad With The iPed
Comment by: FarmboyinJapan
Nominated by: Fetit Club

It seems to me as if Japanese news has gone into high gear with all of the China bashing. We all know that China likes to copy stuff...but when the Japanese news reports on it constantly, it comes across less as "presenting the news to the people" than it does "reinforcing stereotypes."

It seems to me that Japan loves to "tattle" on China to the US about all these copy cat products.

The Shanghai World Expo opened not to long ago, and I swear to you, the LEAD IN story on the Japanese evening news was "This just in! Chinese people misbehaving (ie, throwing their garbage on the street, not properly waiting in line) days before World Expo opening!!"

There was another news magazine program, that took offense to the Shanghai World Expo mascot. Its been alleged that it is a rip off of Gumby, so this program sent a reporter all the way to America, to talk to the creator of Gumby's son. The man was very cordial, and had no problem with the mascot resembling Gumby...he just shrugged it off and said "hey, Gumby has influenced people all of the world." It came across to me that the only people who actually had a problem with the mascot were the Japanese media.

Like Ashcraft said in his night note yesterday, there are a lot of crazy/dangerous things going on in Asia right now, but it seems as if every night the Japanese media decides to spend a lot of time reporting on these totally frivolous stories.


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