120 Metal Gear Solid Discs, But With A Catch
Comment by: BubbleF**kingBuddy
Nominated by: octaslash

If I were a billionaire, I'd put each disc in a steel safe, encase each safe in concrete, and hide them all across the planet. That way, when humanity is long gone, our descendants can find this game and know what we were REALLY all about.


Valve: PS3 Is Like A GameCube
Comment by: Slagathorian: Stand tall and shake the heavens...
Nominated by: no computers in texas

I can't believe how many people here on Kotaku defend Gabe all the time.

Nobody really cares that he doesn't make PS3 games. The best game makers on the planet are exclusive studios: Naughty Dog, Nintendo, Lionhead etc.

What DOES piss people off, is the fact that he is always taking digs at PS3. Mind you not only the PS3, but anybody who OWNS a PS3. There are probably a ton of PS3 only gamers who would love to buy some Valve games, but not only do they not come, but Valve calls these fans worthless, stupid etc.

And you all defend him???? He's basically just a rich troll with a podium and microphone.

Look at companies like Naughty Dog, who consistently make great games AND have nothing but nice things to say about all of their competitors.

Valve really could take a page out of their book.

Red Dead Redemption Raises Irish Ire For Its Token Drunk
Comment by: icepick314
Nominated by: Slothboy

I'm Korean and I don't play Starcraft...

where do I fit in?

An Entirely Different Sort Of LEGO Video Game
Comment by: Killer Toilet
Nominated by: Malice Blackhart


Finish level 255, and the game will brick

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