Metal Gear Solid? More Like Metal Gear Solid Advertising, Your Billboard Here
Comment by: surft
Nominated by: Takara_Kitsune

Very Old Snake: War has changed.

It's no longer about nations, ideologies or ethnicity. It's an endless series of commercials, advertised by mercenaries and machines. War, and the consumption of in-game Doritos, have become a well-oiled business.

War has changed.
Uniqlo wearing soldiers carry Sony Walk mans, use Apple IPhones.
Pepsi Cola inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities.

Dengeki control. Famitsu control. Information control. Axe's body odor control. Everything is advertised, and made to put consumers under control.

War has changed.
The age of deterrence has become the age of consumerism. All in the name of converting a weapon of mass consumption, the gamer. And he who controls the ads, controls the game.

War has changed.
When the battlefield is like a visit to Wallmart, war...becomes routine.

Net Neutrality Dealt A Severe Blow As Comcast Wins FCC Appeal
Comment by: famoustrip
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So I read the first few pages of the case, and it's clear why the ruling came down in this way. The FCC just plain didn't follow the APA, and under its prior decisions they held that cable internet was not under their normal regulation powers.

Further they were trying to rely on an ancillary power granted to them, than by their primary mandate to regulate it, because it seemed like they didn't want to upset their precedent?

If they do some notice and comment rulemaking, and overturn their prior decisions that cable internet was not a "cable service" or a communication service, they should be able to proceed in a relatively positive manner.


Time Readers: Penny Arcade Creators More Influential Than Obama, But Not Lady Gaga
Comment by: Killer Toilet
Nominated by: puresewas1de

Well, "it" has written the Bible, proved that the world was round, discovered the Americas and took all credit for it, discovered the laws of physics and invented calculus, was a founding father and drafted the Declaration of Independence AND the US Constitution, conquered France and threatened most of Europe, freed the slaves, invented wireless electricity, started and became the ringleader the socialist movement in Russia, single-handedly started both World Wars, saved us from the Depression, slaughtered tens millions of people in China, Germany, and the Soviet Union in 20 years, launched into space, was the first person to land on the moon, caused the 9/11 attacks, and now is currently is the head of the Large Hadron Collider.

So yeah. Lada Gaga is pretty huge.

Stephen Fry, The Voice of LittleBigPlanet, Reviews the iPad
Comment by: nipsen
Nominated by: Slatz_Grobnik


The hhg2tg on the iPad:
...entry: DRM
..."Digital Rights Management. Mostly Harmless".

Barack Obama Passes Historic Video Game Health Care Bill
Comment by: RedRaptor
Nominated by: kyle4


I'd say this healthcare bill is too little, too late. In absence of developer-funded healthcare, game characters have developed regenerating abilities that are far superior to anything DevCare can provide, all without reaching into Solid Snake's retirement funds.

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