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Talent Agency: Hans Zimmer Is Scoring Modern Warfare 2
Comment by: FatherFingers
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Wait, how is fiddy going to rap to that?!?!

Sit Awkwardly Through Kurt Cobain's Guitar Hero 5 Performance
Comment by: thesircuddles
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There's a phenomenon that goes on in life, and I don't know what the name of it is (I'm sure it has one). You see it in almost everything that's popular. One group will like something, and other people will take it as their sworn duty to believe the polar opposite of the people who like this something. They not only hold the opposite viewpoint (which is entirely valid), they go to great lengths to show their disdain, even when those lengths aren't warranted. I'm not sure if these people are trying to balance the universe, or what exactly the point is. I see it here in this thread regarding Nirvana, you see it regarding Gears, Halo, Call of Duty, etc. Opinionated extremism, I guess you would call it.

The amount of general disrespect in the comments below, regardless of their viewpoint, is borderline astonishing. It's not totally astonishing because, well, this is the internet and it's almost par for the course. Even still, it's really, really pathetic.

People like to crack jokes and I don't mind that, a lot of the light hearted ones make me chuckle and there's no harm done. But a lot of the stuff I'm reading in the below comments is, for lack of a better term, simply fucking retarded.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I'm a big fan of respect. I'm only 24 so I'm not the oldest, wisest, or most mature person around here, but one thing I do recognize and give is respect. We all joke around, we all insult people, that's fine, but the tone and hate I see a lot of these comments laced with is just disgusting.

Regardless of what you think of Kurt being in Guitar Hero, and regardless of what you think of Nirvana, where is the fucking respect?

Sometimes I guess I just expect a bit too much from people on the internet. I guess it's my own fault, really. I don't know why I would expect anything less than nothing, but here I am being surprised and appalled by some of the commenters here and their lack of respect.

To those who don't understand why this bothers anyone, it's a very simple concept. Kurt and everything he stood for was the opposite of commercialism and consumerism. Yes, he was in a band on a signed label, yes this is all very legal and no, nothing is wrong with him being in the game from a technical standpoint. The problem people are having is that Kurt was against everything he's being used for in this game. Why is that a hard thing to understand? Surely we're all capable of disagreeing while also understanding the other point of view, aren't we? Maybe I'm just expecting too much again.

Kudos to those who commented (regardless of viewpoint) with some poise, some intelligence, and some respect. To those who trolled with needlessly hateful, useless, and despicable comments, try letting your balls drop and growing up a few years. It isn't cool to be a fucking moron.

Ghostbusters Now Looks Better On PS3
Comment by: (Zombie) Goldwings
Nominated by: Kobun

A day in life at school regarding games during the old days and now. With your buddy, Goldwings

Old days...
Kid A: Mario is better than Sonic cause he can squish all the bad guys with his feet!

Kid B: So? Sonic can run really, really fast and kill all those robots just by running through them.


Kid A: FF7 is soooo cool. Also look what I have. THE STRATEGY GUIDE!


Kid A: lol the Ghostbusters game on PS3 sucks. Have you seen those carpet textures on Kotaku.com? The coding must have gone haywire because teh cell can't do anything. You got pwned cow.

Kid B: Who cares. Ghostbusters isn't even that great anyways. Go back to your RRoD console fool.


Kid A: FF13's graphics look meh

Kid B: You're meh!

Boy did gaming arguments change dramatically from actually talking about games (most of the time) to talking about other features the console/game has or does. Go progress(?)

Ghostbusters Now Looks Better On PS3
Comment by: D Mitsuki, Gotta have guts kid!
Nominated by: Curse Lily

If there's something wrong, With your graphics! Who you gunna call?

Terminal Reality!

If there's something weird, and it don't look good. Who you gunna call?

Terminal Reality!

I ain't afraid of no blur!
I ain't afraid of no blur!

If your seeing things, like no anti ailising. Who you gunna call?

Terminal Reality!

An invisible wall, that you can't get past. Oh, who you gunna call?

Terminal Reality!

I ain't afraid of no blur! I hear it like the girls, I ain't afraid of no blur!

Who you gunna call?
Terminal Reality!
If you got a dose, of a bad post, who you gunna call?

Terminal Reality!

Let me tell you something sharp corners make me feel good.

I ain't afraid of no blur.
I ain't afraid of no blur.

Don't get caught alone, oh no Terminal Reality! When it comes through a patch, and if you want some more, I think you better call,

Terminal Reality!

Who you gunna call!

Terminal Reality!

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Speaking of Cobain, there's a new division between music fans. There's the normal ones, and then you have the posers.

When you start to dislike/like a musician for ANY reason other than their music, you know you're a poser.

The posers are mainly composed of the mainstream and a LOT of indie kids.

Indie kids go out of their way to make sure they like bands no one's even heard of, and as soon as that band scores more than a hundred fans, they just jump ship.

I don't think I need to say much about the mainstream. They're the exact opposite.

I'm not dividing them, they divided themselves.

If you refuse to acknowledge that Cobain was a talented musician, you just plain KNOW you're a poser. Or, you're just ignorant.

It's kind of sickening.