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Wii Remote Used For Holograms You Can "Touch"
Comment by: FunkyJ
Nominated by: (Zombie) Komrade Kayce

I honestly can't believe some of the comments here and on youtube...
"I'm not impressed"
Seriously W.T.F?
This technology is amazing!
I mean, imagine if the internet had been around when Edison invented the light bulb...
"meh, my candle still burns brighter" - waxman
"w34k" - flamingflaming09
"sun's better" - S0l4r
"Get a real job, Edison" - CoalMiner's Son


WoW Finally Returns To China, With A Little More Censorship
Comment by: Covert_Knight
Nominated by: Lessthan_tom

At first I was going to crack a "see everything is beautiful in china nothing wrong here, go away american" kind of joke, but actually I decided I would go to a more serious statement. This is kind of long and verges a little off topic, but isn't knowledge a good thing?
China has social issues that run very deep, farther than us outsiders really know. Not that I'm an expert on the social and cultural relations in China, but I did do a good research paper on it last semester. (usually I slack, I admit) Their social development is just radically different than ours. They're raised to be absolutely the very best only in order for them to achieve a middle class life. (one that we take for granted over here) They ignore their childhood studying 8 hours a day and doing all "extra credit" assignments. Eventually they have to take an SAT equivalent called the gao kao, except their whole life pretty much rides on it. A lot of the failures of this test end up falling into depression, and playing video games, particularly WoW. (most are too ashamed to accept a life lesser than they planned) Suicide rate is high, it's the leading cause of death for people in their low 20's to mid 30's. They are literally working themselves to death over there.
China's government responds the way it always has known throughout history. They don't see it as sweeping a problem under the rug as much as they see it as "this is your problem not ours." The government only knows how to fix things by making it law, compliance runs deep through Chinese society so it is expected when they change things you follow, ergo the problems are solved. Obviously not to us of course, but you see the reason. Changing those undead guys to be a little less dead looking is just one of many ways the government is trying to subtly change Chinese society to be less suicidal. Of course this won't work but I think you see the mindset now, correct?
I know China is expected to become a world leader and all, and I mean with their economic strength/output, and intelligent people this would be an easy conclusion. But the two of the problems I described are just two out of many that will hold them back until they get truly resolved.

Five Classic Erotic Games Coming To UMD
Comment by: Paradox me
Nominated by: Slatz_Grobnik

"Thank you for calling Game Stop, how can I help you?"

"Do you have Ways to Have Sweet Sex With A Childhood Friend in stock?"

Crytek Threatens To Leave Germany
Comment by: Ursus-Veritas
Nominated by: Curse_Lily

It's a shame that there people who are still ignorant to the cultural and artistic integrity/importance of the Video Game as a form of Art rather than a child's past time - Stylistically, symbollically, you can even say culturally, games play just as an important role in Art as film, television and theatre do. Until the world can start seeing that games can carry as much emotional weight and influence as a piece of stunning film or TV drama, I'm afraid things like this will only become commonplace.

A ban on violent video games is about a silly as a ban on violent films - Violence is a primal and integral part of the human species, it makes us what we are as a sentient race: It can't be ignored, or hidden away or censored because it's a negative thing - to be truly Human we have to see violence, to understand violence, to accept that it is part of who we are. Film, TV and Theatre have been portraying death and violence for - well, in the case of theatre - thousands of years, but it's not frowned upon, because it is 'Art'. Video games are a crucial injection of freshness into the art world, and as much as the German Government wants to deny it, ARE a new form of Art. And as a form of art, it should be allowed the same freedom of expression and liberties as any piece of Film, TV or Theatre.


First Look At Prince Of Persia LEGO
Comment by: patapon
Nominated by: (Zombie) MaxDragon7

Ahhhh, stuff like this brings me back to the good old days.

You know, of playing LEGOs in my parents basement, sounding all the little people out and whatnot. My parents could overhear all the talking. They were worried and thought I had sever mental disorders, can't blame them really.

Regardless I've created many a fantasy land. I WAS KING! Sexy lego ladies were all over me.

Man, I miss last year...

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