Microsoft Explains the E74 Code, Sorta
Comment by: gojirah
Nominated by: Billkwando

I like how they insist on using the phrase "general hardware failure" when they also tell you there are different specific kinds of general failure.
It's like saying Jo, you are generally bad at sports, and also generally bad in academics, and generally poor at interacting with people. I'm not going to tell you which reason is the one we can't be friends, but believe me, it's one of them.

New Assassin's Creed II Trailer
Comment by: Boom-Chicka-Ah
Nominated by: Sutekh_Slain

*in menacing voice*
Assassin's Creed is in Italy...
and the people
are Italian.

*Macaulay Culkin Face*

Microsoft Explains the E74 Code, Sorta
Comment by: DrDurdon
Nominated by: Haruhila

E74 translates to EPH on a number pad, therefore EPH = You Are EPHed = You Are Fucked.


Study Finds Games Reinforcing Positive Behavior, Too
Comment by: MrBionic
Nominated by: Jolan

I just played Katamari Damacy, and I'm eying an exercise ball and a giant tube of Krazy Glue with some intent right now.


A Sampling of Soldiers' Reaction to 'Fallujah'
Comment by: InvaderPhlegm
Nominated by: Ben

This is what I do not get.

Countless books have been written (for profit) about this war and it's battles.

At least one television program, Generation Kill, plus countless television representations and recreations of various incident have been filmed about this war . . . all for profit.

In all of that, nary a voice was raised in concern about whether it was "too soon", or whether the content was pro or anti war.

But the moment you announce you are going to make a video game about the very same content, suddenly everyone is up in arms like it is a cardinal sin.

Worse still, video gamers are actually up in arms over it.

As gamers we bitch and moan and groan and complain all the time that the rest of the world does not take gaming seriously . . . that the rest of the world refuses to look at gaming as art, or a proper media art form that can seriously, and soberly address the condition of humanity.

So out of the blue someone finally decides they are going to do just that; address one of the somber events in our time, and what are video gamers (in general) first reaction?

We cry like little bitches and we discriminate ourselves from taking our proper place in the pantheon of modern media.

How the hell can we honestly complain about the likes of Fox News taking the sexuality of Mass Effect, or the Jack Thompson's taking the violence of Grand Theft Auto out of context, and dismissing the adult perspective from those equations, when we turn right around and do the same thing ourselves?

In essence what many of you are saying here, is that it is okay to treat games with kid gloves.

Well you can only have it one way. In the grown up world, you don't get to have it both ways. Either games are just for kids and should be absent of any and all adult themed content, rationalizations and scenarios . . . or games are a true media art form, and as such, deserve to be treated as such, even by gamers, when games attempt to reach out and create exposition on the human condition.

You can only have it one way or the other, you do not get to have it both ways.

No one was crying and moaning and bitching about all the books that covered the war were published. No one was complaining when all the un-Godly amount of television was/is being produced and aired that featured content, scenarios and situations from the war.

So why is everyone complaining about the fact that video games have finally stepped up to the plate and decided to prove to the world that it can be a truly adult medium as well???

The way I see it, it was not too early for books and it was not too early for television, and even judging by some of the songs that has surfaced over the last six years, it was not even too early for music.

To now say that it is too early for video games, makes us hypocrites. If we were not complaining when all the other media which was surfacing about the war, and suddenly we are complaining about a video game doing the same thing, that makes us hypocrites - plain and simple. And there is no worse sin than hypocrisy. It's not the Fox News and the Jack Thompsons being the hypocrites now, it is us being hypocrites to ourselves. How sharper than a serpents tooth, indeed.

And even more disturbing is the fact that the gaming press looks to be doing as more to promote this particular brand of hypocrisy than even the mainstream media; who really have not picked up this story yet (I guess for once, they have got more important things in the world to focus on than gaming).

We have the opportunity here to prove that video games are the real deal; the first true art form of the 21st Century. We have a new generation of game developers looking to push those envelops, push those perceptions of the media, and prove that. I say for once we stop selling ourselves short and embrace it wholeheartedly . . . and not just when it is convenient to embrace.


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