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SCEA: PS2 Price Drop Will Cut Into Wii, Eventually Help PS3 Sales
Comment by: Mike Newlad
Nominated by: ShadowOdin, representing the...

Dude, don't base your opinions on forum/comment posters - they are not a true representation of the real public. If they were piracy and drugs would be legal in the US, OSX would have 99% market share with Linux having the other 1%, HDDVD would be the sole format, Ron Paul would be President of the USA and the wii would have folded in it's first year, Microsoft would increase the fee for xbox live in order to bring a better service and the PS3 would be long dead.


Could The Future of Gaming Be Console Free?
Comment by: heretrix

A: That controller looks like shit

B: There is a significant amount of people who still like to own their games

C: I can't see any of the major platform holders giving up their control of a specific share of the market to the device

D: That controller looks like shit.

E. Each platform holder has a specific vision of what they want to do in a generation.

F. That controller looks like shit.

Donkey Kong Monster Truck Has A New Play Control Scheme
Comment by: Dangeresque, Eliminating Targets
Nominated by: Pezdispenser

Axles are for pussies. Donkey Kong don't need that shit! Well actually, I think he just proved he does, but...

He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well!
He's finally back... to kick some tail!
He's bigger, faster, and stronger too!
He's the first member... of the DK crew!

DK! Donkey Kong!
DK! Donkey Kong is here!

Man Stabs Mother of His Children "Hooked" On PlayStation
Comment by: jtyson
Nominated by: Derek Rumpler

Defence lawyer Timothy Spencer QC stated to the court, "The genesis of this tragedy bizarrely lies with the purchase of the PlayStation."

Are they suggesting that by merely purchasing a PlayStation product, you become bound by gaming lore to commit acts of heinous debauchery and bloody mayhem?

But that can't be. I mean, I've purchased every bit of PlayStation hardware that's ever been released. I even own the Net Yaroze, but I'm no killer... right?


Look, it's a full moon tonight.
I'm suddenly... very... cold...
But the desire to end human life... burns inside me...

Oh God... it's HAPPENING!!!

Haha no, but seriously this guy and his lawyer should be taken out back and put down Old Yeller style.


Devil May Cry 4 The Comic Book Now On Sale
Comment by: Tom Clancy's Samuraidino

Im guessing that the second issue is just the first in reverse but nero is coloured red instead of blue...


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I hate how only novels win comment of the week anymore, whatever happened to short and sweet?