Ban Monday Begins! Comment by: dunetiger Nominated by: Mark

t's the most wonderful time of the week! With the commenters yelling and Spoonybard telling you, "You're up the creek!" It's the most wonderful time of the week! It's the hap, happiest Monday of all! With those commenters bleating and ban-happy beings when Spoons comes to call... It's the hap, happiest Monday of all! There'll be commenters roasting commenters for toasting and crying and pleading all day There'll be fine wine and dining with commenters whining But we won't care to hear what you saaaaaay It's the most wonderful time of the week There'll be much whistle-blowing and tears will be flowing All over your cheeeeeeeeks It's the most! Wonderful time! Of the week! Don't forget to tip your waitresses!

Gaming And Bus Driving Can Kill A Career Comment by: Altima NEO Nominated by: JBP

PSP is a pretty high end device. With its realistic graphics, it blurs the line between reality and virtual reality. The bus driver likely found it difficult to distinguish between the realities, and which one he was in.

Sony Exec Notes "Slow Progress" In Japanese Development Comment by: fuchikoma Nominated by: 天

*shakes fist* If you guys start churning out a bunch of boring sandboxes with kitchen sink options, I'm throwing in the towel and hibernating in last-gen for a while until it gets sorted out... Japan still suffers low self esteem culturally - amazing. They're like Britain in the 60s right now; if anything I think they should be touting their artist and visual designers' skills. I've played games with 10 year old graphics technologically that look way better than games I barely have the tech to run. Odin Sphere, Okami, Team Ninja generally, or even Ragnarok for example. IMO eastern games are eastern games, western games are western games, and they cater to the home teams' interests first. Japanese devs are just starting to buy into the mythos/meme lately and it's freaking me out...

Make Comics, Pop-Up Books, Anything With LittleBigPlanet Comment by: DarkHavoc99 Nominated by: Cronoeds

LBP the comic book! LBP the lunchbox! LBP the FLAMETHROWER! (the kids love that one.)


Mega Man 9 Boss Art, Screens Comment by: Ockeroid Nominated by: drbrownt0wn

"Plug Man"? He's not even "electric man" or something. So what powers will have have? The power to plug into things? He doesn't sound like much of a threat as long as you don't turn around.

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