How Activision Will Nickel & Dime You On Future Call Of Duty Games Comment by: Mister_Jack Nominated by: Libo

You know, I have a lot to say about this business model. If you ask me—- [Please pay $5.00 to continue this comment.]

Wii Music Lets You Play "The Cheerleader" Comment by: NoBullet Nominated by: Aethyr

@Ryodestined: Umm...that is not an instrument last time I checked. They are if you're a jock. HEY-OH!


Square Enix President Sorta Dates Dragon Quest IX (Mentions Tecmo) Comment by: 108 Nominated by: BPMOmega

There's still the Dragon Quest VI remake to be released. It'd be hilarious, in a forehead-slapping way, if they announce in two weeks, Pre-Tokyo Game Show, that they'll be releasing the remake of Dragon Quest VI in January. They previously said that they wouldn't release DQIX until they'd released the remakes of DQIV, DQV, and DQVI. Then again, prior to saying that, they said that they were going to release DQIX at the end of 2007. They also said DQIX was going to be an action game. Then people freaked out, because Monster Hunter hadn't exactly exploded yet, and they changed the game to a traditional RPG, and announced three remakes. So . . . hmm. DQ games are traditionally released on Saturdays, thanks to that urban myth about people skipping school to buy DQIII when it was released on a Friday. So releasing it during a holiday season — especially when this installment is expected to outsell all the previous installments — certainly follows logically. Why release the game after New Year's, though? Why not release it just before? If they release it the week of New Year's, that implies that they're playing up the multiplayer function, expecting kids and parents and extended family to enjoy questing during their new year's parties. If they release it after the holidays are over, that's like they're playing up the singleplayer mode. If I were them (glad I'm not!) I'd just slop it out on Christmas, alongside White Knight Story! That'd really be a crushing blow to Level-5 — the typical Jotaro Sixpack is going to be like "Spend 5,000 yen, or 57,000 yen? Hmmm." Then again, I will buy White Knight regardless, because, ahem, I am already planning to spend Christmas and new years alone — and in the dark. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :(

Game Bans: Misinterpreting the Gaming Experience Comment by: golguin Nominated by:

"Is it healthy for any culture to ban something that would explore their taboos in a safe environment?" Short answer no, long answer yes with a but. There are some taboos that might grow in a safe environment and then bleed out into the rest of society. Would it be fine to ban a sim that revolves around pedophilia? I think so. However, I wouldn't say the same thing about a game that includes violence. Is this a double standard? I don't think so. People with a desire to play the pedo game are playing said game with the intent to satisfy their pedo urges. I don't think anything positive can come of that. People who play FPS games MAY have a desire to inflict harm on other people, but I think the main reason people play FPS games online (or any other competitive game) is to assert their dominance over another person. People are constantly sizing themselves up with other people in an attempt to establish a hierarchy. The world is all about competition and I think violent games promote that. Then again, it's sometimes fun to just vent after a long day and cap a bitch online :).


You Got Hurt While Gaming? Comment by: Squanderdalfast Nominated by: LuppyLuptonium

I'm surprised there have been no drugs + video games stories. I have a friend who has some Meth stories. It's bad kids, don't do it, but... he swears buy it's ability to enhance fighting games. And there are some epic stories of all his fingers bleeding from playing Dead or Alive against his best friend for over 24hrs. I also didn't notice any Mortal Kombat "Test your strength!" stories. To break diamond you make a fist and wipe your knuckles back and forth over the buttons until they bleed. There are a number of games I've used that trick on. Sometimes I modify it to fingernails but knuckles gives the 'best' results. When I was in grade school we used to play Street Fighter, outside, with our fists. Sometimes just in the grass but mostly out on a giant trampoline where super kicks and special moves proved more successfully accurate. Jumping over ten feet in the air to fall down into an uppercut that knocks you 14 feet to the ground. SO MUCH FUN. When FFIX came out I played it without sleep for over 48hrs and I tried to minimize bathroom breaks. Delirium certainly set in but kids in the dorm would bring me snacks, so that was nice. (I just picked it up on psp. Man oh man, that game is still gorgeous.) Similarly, when Final Fantasy XII came out, I happened to be homeless so I bought a 7.5inch TV, a playstation 2, (I had given mine away prior) and I snuck into the basement of Tulane's library to play. After beating it I took everything back to Best Buy. Well, everything but the game, that I gave to a good friend in Tennessee. also, I have loved reading a lot of these stories. The kid who bit his SF2 box, classic. And so many, "who would have thunk it would bounce back into my face," stories. We are a classy group."


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