Nintendo To You: Your Core Games Are Coming, Just Not Soon Comment by: Silverbackne Nominated by: Mitch

Regurgitation takes time

Spore Penis Monsters Impress Will Wright Comment by: Mister_Jack Nominated by: Aex

You hear that people? He's impressed! This is a sign! If we impress him enough, he might decide to hire us to be on his design team! More! Send him more! Flood his inbox with screenshots of Cockzilla and Donkey Dong! DICKS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE!!


Invaders! Indeed No Longer Playable At GC 08 Comment by: adocious Nominated by: Cor-Wii

After three days of gleefully enjoying my piece's escalating publicity, I have just given my agreement to the organizers of the Leipzig Games Convention to simply turn off the installation Invaders! While I realize the arrogance of believing only the lowest common denominator might find issue with my "art," unfortunately my current understanding of "art" has totally obfuscated any potential aims of the piece. While I take full responsibility for the uncomfortable idiocy and irrelevance of this work, it was created merely to provoke controversy for publicity's sake. The American response to this work has been, frankly, predictable for obvious reasons, and lacking the "sophistication" and "consideration" that other parts of the world that weren't part of the national tragedy I made light of have shown in the work. I am an American, and it saddens me that we as a people remain so profoundly able to process "art" as a cry for attention and publicity by criteria of purely self-serving "artistic" representation. Due to these profound insights into my pathetic attempts to capitalize "artistically" on tragedy, I simply feel that from a business perspective, the work has lost the ability to advance my career, monetarily or otherwise. I have not been pressured by the Leipziger Messe, nor by the Computerspiele Museum in this decision - to the contrary, they have offered their support in defending the right of "artists" to offend in order to gain personal attention freely, and in whatever context they choose. Douglas Edric Stanley

New PS2 Models Hitting US Stores Comment by: Skunky Nominated by: Essonse

They should market this new model as the "PS3 Backwards Compatibility Upgrade Kit" and show a picture of the PS2 duct-taped onto the top of a PS3.


Comment by: tzaketh Nominated by: Karl Marx Vladimirs Linens

This is actually the best way this could have ended, I believe. No legal action was taken to remove it. There was no pressure, no censorship. Lots of people were offended by the piece, exercised their free speech in condemning it and letting the "artist" know they did not approve, and he removed it of his own volition. There was no censorship here. This is how freedom of speech is supposed to work. No one can force you to stop saying anything you believe, the government cannot step in and make you stop saying what you believe— but others have the free speech to drown you out, and make sure their contrary viewpoints are heard. In my own opinion? There was no artistic value to that piece. It was created for controversy's sake, and the artist himself doesn't know what it's even supposed to mean, considering he changes his mind so much. I'm not all that offended as an American, because frankly, 3,000 people killed is tiny when compared with the civilian casualties in almost any other war since the invention of gunpowder. But I still think the work was boring, pointless, a waste of space, and worst of all, designed specifically to piss people off so this wannabe can get his name in the public eye.


Download Eight Hours of Arcade Cacophony Comment by: Knoxximus (360/PSN) Nominated by: Witzbold

I remember when Street Fighter 2 mania 1st hit Oahu, Hawaii. My best friend up the street had the TurboGrafx-16 CD ROM with Fighting Street, and we played that shit all day long, trying to perfect fireballs, dragon puches, and hurricane kicks on that stiff ass d-pad. We would make jokes about how if they made a SF2, how all the combatants would be from different countries...and then we'd start imitating the announcer while saying different countries: "Spaaaaaain" "Porrrrtugaaaaal" "Braaaazil" "Afffffffrica" We would crack our selves up trying to imagine what these various challengers would look at, all the while passing the controllers around to take turns with Ken and Ryu, the only playable characters in SF1 (for the uninitiated). Then one day I went to their house, and his little brother and mother had just gotten back from the mall. I remember standing behind their minivan in the garage as my friends little brother pipped up with: "They got Street Fighter 2 at Fun's!" (Slang for the Fun Factory, an arcade at the Pearlridge mall) "Yeah right." "Serious!" "Come on, man....quit playin' with me. Shut up." Then he started trying to describe the new challengers, like a big Russian wrestler whose "name starts with a Z", and "this Chinese chick. The announcer said 'Chiiinaaa" just like us!". So this went on for a little while, and just when I was starting to buy it, he went and said: "...and there's this guy from Brazil. Name starts with a B...Banka or something...Blanka! Yeah, Blanka. He's green and makes electricity!" That was when I was convinced that he was really in rare form and that I was being had. But he was so passionate about it I just played along after awhile. Kids will be kids, I thought. Granted, this was WAAAAAAAAAY before any type of internet or consistent news. So the next weekend I go to the mall and hit the movies. I didn't even stop by the arcade 1st cause I was running late for the movie. So I get out of the movie, and the Friday night crowd afterschool/weekend crowd is in full effect. The escalator coming down (movieplex was on the 2nd level by itself) faced the Fun Factory. As I was riding down the escalator, I observed something I would never forget. 1st of all, the arcade had a LARGE opening, like no doors. They pulled those screen gates at closing to lock it up. The entrance itself was like the average mall stores width, like a gaping maw into heaven. Whenever they got a new, hot game, they would place 1-3 machines of said game near the front to attract attention. There was a line coming out of it....a line that looked like people were waiting to watch Return on the Jedi on it's opening night. It stretched out of the arcade and passed in front of at LEAST 2 other stores ( a coffee shop and Foot Locker, if I remember correctly). I was like WTF is that about? I hit the ground floor, stroll my way to where the line began, and lo and behold at the front of the arcade was two SF2 machines in all of their 16-bit, joysitcks-not-busted-yet glory. Brand SPANKING new. I was in shock. I could NOT believe it. My boy's little brother was NOT FIBBING. There WAS a guy from Brazil named Blanka who could autonomously GENERATE ELECTRICITY. I stood there, transfixed. It was like a dream come true. I didn't dare get in that line that night....I came back and played it another day. But I watched it for a good hour and a half, mesmerized. The arcade tech came to empty the token basin of each machine at least once. Someone would accidentally do a special move (no gamefaqs back then) and everyone would let out a great big "OHHHHHHHH!!!". It was epic. And I wish things where still like that when Street Fighter 4 hits. Good times.


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