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Japan Is TOTALLY Sold Out of Xbox 360s (New Shipment Next Month!) Comment by: wild homes loves you but chooses... Nominated by:

Nice to see Microsoft making some strong sales in Japan, but no one had the forethought, with all the work they've put into Japanese-friendly software partnerships this year, to a least divert some consoles from other territories to Japan just in case their moves paid off? They work hard to get Last Remnant, Tales, Star Ocean IV, XIII, and Infinite Undiscovery on the 360 and then don't adequately prepare for the possibility these plans could work? That's a little strange. Usually I don't plan on my strategies failing— I understand the possibility, but I don't take a course of action unless I believe it will work. Apparently I've been doing it wrong.


Electronic Arts, Take-Two Break It Off, But Not For Long Comment by: Quilt Nominated by: karl_hungus

I'll say what a friend of mine says to me when I'm persuing a girl and fail: "Did you ask her out?" Yup, it didn't work. "Did you bring her flowers?" Yup, it didn't work. "Did you take an interest in her hobbies?" Yup, it didn't work. "Did you tell her how you felt?" Yup, she laughed. "Did you try holding her down?" Yu...wait, what?

Forgive Dad, He Knows Not What He Does Comment by: The_Inquisitor Nominated by: FP Bleentastic has cake

That's a pretty sturdy tree, not falling over from the weight of that thing.

Lionhead Patches Fable Pub Games Glitch, Community Offers Advice For Earning Big. Comment by: Moonshadow101 Nominated by: liquid_kore

Step one: Disconnect from the internet. Step two: ??? Step three: Profit!

Artist Explains WTC Space Invaders Exhibit at Games Convention Comment by: wild homes loves you but chooses... Nominated by: ca$h

We've made September 11, 2001 into a campaign platform, movies and miniseries, books, and justification to spend the lives of Americans to hunt down foriegn nationals on foriegn soil, a justification for detaining and torturing foreign nationals. We've allowed the events of that day to be turned into a climate of fearmongering that exists seven years later— we've allowed the telecommunications industry to spy on the people of our country, in the name of September 11, 2001. We as a nation implicitly condoned a culture of racial discrimination as a result of September 11, 2001. We as a population of the most powerful nation on Earth have willingly stood by to survive both the commercial and political exploitation of an attack on our country— stood by and watched as frightened reactionary voices fought to violate human rights and human decency for money and agendas. We endure all that, and yet some of you would talk about wanting to hurt another human being for using September 11, 2001, as a means to make a fairly harmless statement, even if an obvious and tasteless one, about exactly how we've failed to deal with September 11, 2001. That's just repulsive. You stand by while those events are used to justify criminal behavior and corruption and crass exploitation, but you get angry when someone exercises his constitutional rights? I don't know what that is, but it's not patriotism.

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Dammit Wild, fucking asshole. Listen, you're a great commenter and all, you're a good person, and damn if you can't make me laugh too, but that's the problem. I was all set to come in this week and insult the `Tap's selection again, but noooooo, people actually nominated good comments. What the hell? Are these people new? Kotaku has been in steady decline for a while and you just have to come in and- and un-shit over all of it. Are you trying to reverse this? What, you think people might actually think before posting? This can't be fixed, there's no hope.

Worse, this goes against everything we know. This is against tradition, recent as it is. To right this wrong I plan to start a new initiative: We must bring down Kotaku's quality again. If you see a popular topic, "Inb4" it. See the eds say something remotely negative? They must be fanboys, so flame 'em! What's that? Something is questionable? It must be a lie! Needs moar "Needs Moar." And most importantly, logic is the enemy, intelligence is stupid, and coherence is basketball fuck nugget Cosby.

You know what happened to the last person who tried this? He loved Kotaku, just like you, but he couldn't understand why it was deteriorating. He tried fruitlessly to fix Kotaku. Then, on a night, just like this one, he claimed to have found a formula that explains the stupidity in Kotaku. Unfortunately he was thought a crackpot by many and eventually locked himself up in the real world for the rest of his life. He died surrounded by loved ones. This man was named DV8. The only mark he left on this world is being the inspiration for an Aronofsky film no one saw.

Wild, you see? You're going to end up just like him. Smart, intelligent, redundant, and pointed. We agreed to go down with the ship. What happened? Did you suddenly have delusions of decency? It's not gonna happen! If you refuse to stop I'm going to have to stop talking to you... in replies. Hope is the root of all disasters, pride of man's downfall. You're part of the solution, and I can't let that go. You're either against me, or against Kotaku.

The rationality is in your hands fellow Kotakuite. You decide. Until you come to your senses and lose all hope, you'll be just like DV8. And who would want that?