War Has Changed - These days, even Sackboys can be pulled in for a spot of wet work. Comment by: PhiCancri Nominated by: Pablos102030


You're No More A "Gamer" Than You Are A "Listener", "Watcher" Comment by: The Whaleman Nominated by: kennyd1

I am a Gamer. Hath not a Gamer eyes? hath not a Gamer hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a non-Gamer is? If you frag us, do we not bleed? if you critically miss us, do we not laugh? if you camp us, do we not cry? and if you grief us, shall we not revenge?

Sega Admit, OK, Sonic Has Been A Bit Crap Lately Comment by: freakout Nominated by: Elly

He comes so close to being right, too. Quoting from the article: "This time around, with Sonic Unleashed, we got a great new engine, the Hedgehog engine, and that allows us to truly deliver the Sonic experience as it arguably should have been on the next-gen - you know, blending classic 2D gameplay with 3D, beautiful landscapes, rich environments." My cup runneth over! Yes, yes, YES! Oh, wait, you're still talking...? "Then with a nice innovative twist, we're taking Sonic in a different direction, slow him down and he transforms into a 'Werehog.' And that changes the gameplay again. For fans of Sonic that have been looking for a next-gen experience, this is the game they've been waiting for." No it isn't! Fuck you, Sean Ratcliffe. Proof that Sega STILL isn't listening to us. Please tell me where we asked for a Sonic game where you "slow him down" and "change the gameplay". We didn't. Asshole. (froth, fume, gurgle)

Peacemongers Protest Ubisoft HQ Over War Games Claims Comment by: LanciePants Nominated by: sisedi

I really admire these courageous protesters. Throwing down the shackles that society's overlords have placed on them and bravely marching against the very system whose greed rapes the world of it's beauty daily. You have to admit, they're really spearheading some new ground by protesting. These compassionate souls have sacrificed EVERYTHING they have for the betterment of others. True heroes one and all. Think of the millions of lives they saved with this solemn act of unity for peace, justice and tolerance. Great things are on the horizon because of their fearless act in the face of brutal repression. Truly one of the most inspirational feats I've ever been honored to witness.


Microsoft Clarifies Final Fantasy XIII Asia Version "Announcement" Comment by: Amazon_Chris Nominated by: CarbonFalcon

In other words: MS: There are no plans. Keep your eyes open though, cause we're spontaneous and may make plans later. MS...AWAY!! *Wooooooosh*

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