Superman’s been hit with some big changes over the last few months. And it looks like they’re going to be paying off big dividends starting next month.

It’s been clear that DC Comics has been building towards a big shake-up with their flagship character. A little while ago, Kal-El got a major new power that leaves him pretty much human for 24 hours after using it. And just a few weeks ago, his secret identity was outed by Lois Lane, meaning the whole world knows that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person. Elements from Superman mythos that were long held as immutable have suddenly changed, opening the door for new kinds of stories.

We get a glimpse of Clark’s future in a new free preview that’s out this week by the current Action Comics team of Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder. It’s pretty damn great.

(Spoilers follow. Hover over the top left of each image and click on the magnifying glass icon to expand it.)


It shows a Superman who’s unable to fly, riding a snowmobile as he desperately tries to reach his Fortress of Solitude.

But when he gets there, there’s a rude awakening waiting for him.


The end of that story seemingly explains the new t-shirt-and-jeans, capeless look that DC unveiled a few weeks ago. But, more importantly, it shows Clark Kent getting cut off from his heritage, base of operations and the full scope of his superhuman abilities. When he keeps repeating “I’m still Superman”, it sounds like he’s trying to convince himself. Can’t wait to see more.

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