To mark the 40th anniversary of Super Alloy toys and the 80th anniversary of manga artist Fujiko F. Fujio's birth, Bandai is releasing a most interesting super robot based on the artist's characters.

According to Gigazine, included are robot figures of Doraemon, Dorami, Parman, Korosuke, Chimpui, and Gonsuke.

The super robot has neat Fujiko F. Fujio-themed accessories, including a fountain pen and an artist's berret.

Priced at 14,904 yen (US$146), the super robot toy will go on sale in Japan on November 29. Below, you can see a neat animated clip with the robot.

ドラえもん+コロ助+パーマン+ドラミちゃん+チンプイ+ゴンスケが超合金超合体したSFロボ登場 [Gigazine]

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