A Visual Guide To StarCraft II's New Custom Modes

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Aiur Chef? Left 2 Die? StarJeweled? Blizzard DOTA? What's going on with the four new official game modes coming to StarCraft 2? These four visual guides will give you the skinny.


Revealed earlier today during the BlizzCon 2010 opening ceremonies, the StarCraft II team has created four new game modes based on popular titles and, in once case, a popular television show. Aiur Chef is Iron Chef. Left 2 Die is Left 4 Dead. StarJeweled is obvious Bejeweled, and Blizzard DOTA is Blizzards take on the genre that originated as a Warcraft III mod.


Check out these visual guides to get an idea of how each new game type plays.

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Iron Chef! :-P :-D

I'm thinking they should add another mode that brings characters like Arthas, Sylvanas, and Jaina into this universe. They could call it Star Wars!