A Visual Guide To Kinect For Xbox 360

"You are the controller," Microsoft says in its Kinect ads.

Kinect's coming out party at E3 2009. Some of these experiences wound up in Kinect Adventures, some may never be released at all.

Microsoft's original vision for Kinect, when it was still known as "Project Natal." Kinect delivered on some of these promises, but we're still waiting on others.

Kinect's sensors can even detect famous people.

Ellen plays Kinect to the delight of her audience. This performance may spell success for Harmonix and MTV Games' Dance Central.


Kinect's sensor combines the input of three cameras, plus an array of microphones that can hone in on who is speaking to the device.

Microsoft lays out the best case scenario for the amount of floor space Kinect will need to function at its best. Delighted utopian family not required.

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