A Visit to NetDevil

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Adam and I had a chance to run over to NetDevil's office last week to talk with them about their work on the upcoming LEGO massively multiplayer online game LEGO Universe. We also got a tour of their place, including the fabled LEGO library and got some more hands on time with an up-to-the-minute build of Jumpgate Evolution. In the coming weeks (blame TGS) we'll be posting some in-game videos, hands-on impressions, interviews and tour videos on the site. While LEGO Universe isn't quite playable(by me) yet, producer Ryan Seabury took some time to talk to us about where the game was headed and what we could expect to see. He also showed off his totally kick-ass real-world Starcraft LEGO diorama. Look for that one a bit later today. In the meantime amuse yourself at my expense:


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Brian and Adam:

i'm really glad to see the videos kotaku is putting out now. getting behind the scenes of the place really delivers the experience.

this particular one hits close to home, as i got stuck in denver airport this past feb. en route to GDC. i ended up picking a seat and waiting a good an and a half for a delayed flight with 5 or 6 developers from Net Devil - they were in fact, the first real-deal game developers i ever swapped my new business cards with. you never forget those first times, and seeing where they work now brings it full swing.

kudos for the entertaining report. looking forward for more!