A Video Take On Cyberpunk 2077: Familiar, Convoluted, But Also A Good Time

Cyberpunk 2077 is undoubtedly the most anticipated release of 2020. Over the past handful of years, fans have dreamt of the possibilities. And The Witcher 3 being a damn fine game only fueled the hype-train further. Remember when Keanu Reeves came out on Microsoft’s E3 2019 stage? I was fortunate enough to be there. People. Went. WILD.

That train has taken some sharp curves lately with the no-mandatory-crunch-oh-wait-yes-mandatory-crunch edict, the discussions around the use of racial stereotypes, and most recently, and the sections of the game that seemingly can trigger seizures in players with epilepsy that the game doesn’t go out of it’s way to give a heads up about. The developers at CDPR addressed that last point in a recent tweet, vowing to find a more “permanent solution.”


Kotaku’s editor-at-large, Riley MacLeod, wrote a fantastic and detailed account of his feelings on the game after 30-ish hours. Be sure to give that a read, then take a peek at the video above to see some of the game in action! It’s large and impressive, yet cautiously ambitious as it relies on some comforts of open world game design that we’ve come to know over the years. If you’ve gone hands-on with it, let us know your thoughts!


im not sure if they got rid of it, but i’ve played a total of 8 hours now and I haven’t seen a single dildo pickup.

Honestly, Im super disappointed. Alot of ash trays though