A Video Game That Doesn't Actually Have Any Video

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Video Game Sans Video is a project that satisfies just about all the criteria you need to call something a video game. Except, well, for the actual video.


Michael Newman's game instead plays like a live-action version of LittleBigPlanet, using a giant scrolling sheet of paper as the background while players control a motorised spaceship on top of it.

Exhibited at the recent Maker Faire, it's made out of recycled components from gear like scanners and printers.


Video Game Without Video Blasts Off [Discovery]

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As someone who has worked in an arcade that had "video games without any video" let me inform you as to the proper term... these are called "Electro Mechanical" machines or "EM" machines for short. Games like this were (obviously) around long before "Video Games". In order to qualify as a Video game it should probably have a video signal somewhere.