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It's rare enough that a video game costs over a grand, but a video game manual? As crazy as it sounds, that's exactly what the instructions for this old N64 game are worth.

Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut is an old limited edition of the vintage fighting game that was exclusive to Blockbuster rental stores. Meaning that if the manual somehow survived more than a handful of rentals, it would have looked like a dog had torn half the pages out then thrown up on it.


This one, though, is almost mint. It survived not only the arrival at Blockbuster and the threat of rentals, but the 15 years since its release. Making it very desirable for collectors. A copy earlier this year was sold for over $1100, and this auction is currently at $1023.

Clay Fighter SCULPTOR'S CUT Nintendo 64 INSTRUCTION MANUAL - VERY RARE !! [eBay, via Steve Lin]

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