A Triumphant Father-Son Moment On Twitch

I have never beaten Dark Souls 3 and, also, I have never had a glorious father-son fishing moment. Part of why I love Twitch is because it lets me live those moments vicariously.

ParoXitiC streams himself fishing on Twitch, often with his son. He’ll take viewers to the tackle shop, on a kayak, at the pond, by the creek, and even in video games like Battle Chasers: Nightwar or Fishing Planet where he can share his favorite hobby. A lot of the time, his adorable son is helping out with the tackle or sitting in the passenger seat of his truck.


Yesterday, ParoXitiC was out at the pond with his kid when a 6 lb. bass bit his line. “Oh my gosh. You’re not gonna be able to get this one, man,” ParoXitiC said to his son. “Oh my gracious, that is uge!!!” his son yelled before exploding in giggles. “Look at that big ‘ol bass!” ParoXitiC tossed it back and his son waved goodbye.

I’m not crying; you’re crying.

(via Reddit)

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