A Thousand Years Of Neverwinter Lore In One Minute

With hundreds of thousands of pen-and=paper adventurers adding their personal stories to the streets of D&D's Neverwinter over the years, the Lore in a Minute folks wisely stick to bullet points in prepping gamers for the free-to-play MMO.


I was always more of a Waterdeep guy myself.

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Cryptic's been at this game for a long time, so it should be pretty good. I hope.

Even if it isn't at release, at least Neverwinter players wont wind up dealing with an eight month content drought like Star Trek Online did while Atari had Cryptic on the sales block. And I hope their community doesn't wind up being as cynical and bitchy as ours is. After the sale to Perfect World went through (which like everything in STO, most of the posters on the forums were absolutely sure was the end of the game, Champions was about as bad) and Neverwinter didn't get cancelled, I've been assuming they have a bit of confidence in it, so I hope it pans out.

I intend to try it, I doubt its going to lure me away from STO as I have nearly four years invested there, but it should be fun, the same companies are involved in both games anyway.