A Tardis That Travels Back In Arcade Time

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What better way to transport yourself back to the time of arcade dominance than an actual time machine? Simon Jansen obviously has too much time on his hands, being the man behind the ASCII recreation of the original Star Wars film, and now we know where he's been getting all of that time. Not only did he build his own version of Doctor Who's Tardis, he stuffed it with a folding MAME cabinet so he could play games from the past! Jansen has painstakingly documented the entire process, including a picture of his lizard, which I am positive was integral to the project. If I lived in a bizarro world where I didn't need to work and sleep in order to survive, I would have two of these.


Building a MAME console inside a TARDIS [ASCIIMATION via Wired Gadgets]

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