To: Ash
From: Crecente

We've instituted another set of rules for Tristan starting in July. We already has a bunch of rules about screen time (tv, video games, computer) and about what he can and can't do on the consoles.

As I wrote about Friday, Tristan snuck some Modern Warfare 2 time earlier this month and got a week's ban from the screen for his (rather miserable) efforts. I didn't mention that our very own McWhertor spotted Tristan playing Modern Warfare 2 online several times over the past month but decided not to "rat him out."

Anyway, we decided over the weekend that Tristan spends too much time in front of a screen. So here are some new rules:

No game playing or video watching in the car on trips that don't leave the state. Instead he has to (gasp) read a book or talk to us!
He now has to earn screen time by reading books or exercising with his mom or I.


Do you have any sort of "screen time" rules in place for your kids?

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