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A Strategy Game About Space Junk

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Have you noticed all the small-scale sci-fi strategy games these days? No complaints here, given how good the spaceship-survival game FTL is and how well the minimalist space-station-building Rymdkapsel turned out. There's Double Fine's Spacebase DF9, too. Next? Habitat, a game about making space stations from space junk.

The video above shows you plenty about how the game works. If you're short on time, the short version: you control the construction of a flying space station by cobbling together pieces of space junk, repurposing them into living quarters, propulsion systems and the like, attracting more colonists, flying the station around and eventually dealing with problems that emerge from within the station as well as from rival space bases being constructed by an enemy faction.

I've played a short demo of the game and thought the basic concept was strong. There's an interesting mix of styles, as you both need to plan the base out well but also manage the physics of flying your growing space city through the junk in Earth's orbit. I liked what I played.

Habitat will be out for PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One later this year. It comes from a small indie team called 4gency who are running a Kickstarter for the game. Check it out for more info and to throw some dollars at the game, if you're into it.


The game will be demoed at the PAX East show in Boston this weekend.

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