A Stealth Game Where You Can Control The Elements

I had a chance to check out an early alpha build of 2D stealth game Wildfire. It may not have a release date yet, but from what I’ve played it’s looking promising.


Wildfire is game where you control elements such as fire and earth to cause distractions (and often lots of localized bush fires). It’s a bit different to your usual stealth game.

Sneaky Bastards (the name of the developers, I’m not calling them bastards, they are nice.) told me it’ll be out later in the year. In the meantime you can watch my video above and stare at the Steam page here.·


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Mr. MegaManFan

I’d really like to see both this and Dead Cells on the Switch. (And maybe since it’s already out, Enter the Gungeon? Ahh that’s wishful thinking. Switchful thinking??)