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A Speed Eating Contest for Japan's "Most Disgusting" Food

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Have you ever heard of nattou (納豆)? It's fermented beans that are slimy, sticky, and smell like socks. I quite like nattou, but many foreigners (and some Japanese) think it's utterly repellent. Sounds like the perfect food for a speed eating contest!

If you are not familiar with nattou, here is a video of people trying it for the first time. (Like I said, nattou is good! Don't let the smell put you off. Or the texture. Or, pretty much, everything about it.)

And now, here is the speed-eating contest that was just held in the Japanese city of Mito, which is famous for its nattou.


There were two parts to the event: One was eating a bowl of nattou with rice in under a few minutes, while the other was just eating big bowls of nattou.


In the men's division, last year's winner once again came out on top. "I'm satisfied because I shaved two minutes off last year's time," said the two-time fermented bean champion.

Below, watch people bravely shovel down bowls of nattou (video courtesy of FNN):


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