A Souped Up PS3 Can Cut Your Gran Turismo 5 Load Times In Half

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Improve your Gran Turismo 5 loading times—if not your lap times—by ripping out that stock hard drive in your PlayStation 3 and swapping in a solid state drive. You could cut your wait to race in half.


Gran Turismo 5 owners looking to optimize the PlayStation 3 game by using SSD storage instead of the standard 2.5" hard drives are finding that tracks that normally take 50 seconds or more to load take about half that with a new drive. The hefty initial install of GT5, which can run upwards of 40 minutes, can be done in about 25 minutes when using solid state storage.

Worth the extra cash? It all depends on your patience versus your personal wealth, but if you're dropping the money on a dedicated Gran Turismo 5 steering wheel, what's another couple hundred on a new drive?


Eurogamer has some of the numbers, collected from the Beyond3D and GTPlanet forums, which you can see at the Digital Foundry site.

Anyone out there in Kotaku-land already enjoying the read-write speeds of an SSD on their PS3? If so, how are you liking it?

SSD halves GT5 loading times [Eurogamer]

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I've wanted to change my HDD to SSD for a while now, but have had a couple people say that not all game saves transfer. And one of the saves that supposedly doesn't transfer is "Demons Souls." I need that save.

If I did transfer, what would I do, exactly? Put everything onto an external drive, remove the HDD I have now, install an SSD and then transfer everything from the portable to the SSD? Or is there an easier way?

EDIT: Added a question mark to the end of the last sentence of the last paragraph, instead of a period. I'm just that anal.