[Image via Ryonetsu]

Smoking breaks seem like a good time, no? Well, that is, if you smoke. It’s a moment to step away from work, chat with others, and relax. This new Japanese smoking box looks like no fun at all. 

In Japan, there are in-door smoking compartments with filters, but at most offices, when people want to take a smoking break, they still must go outside. As reported on Yahoo News Japan, a company called Ryonetsu has a solution: a smoking box for one.

Apparently it can be assembled with only a screw driver, plugs right into the wall, and is outfitted with a filter that ensures that no one outside the box can smell the smoke. 

[Image via Yahoo News Japan]

Priced at 216,000 yen (US$2,079), the contraption can be set up in offices, but also in restaurants for staffers to take smoking breaks in the box instead of going outside, where patrons can see them. 


According to MBS News, this might even lead to fewer smoking breaks. Because, really, look.

[Image via Ryonetsu]

Oh, the shame!

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