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We may earn a commission from links on this page

A Sober And Conscious Oneechanbara Review

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As threatened, GameSetWatch columnist Matt Hawkins has reviewed the American premiere of Oneechanbara, which had its American debut at the New York Asian Film Festival. Hawkins looks at it from a different perspective from the review we linked earlier — that of a person who was awake and actively watching the film. It's exhaustive, but for those who want a quick summary, Hawkins, at one point writes on whether the movie is good or not, "Define 'good.'"

He also writes "exposed breasts" which has us firing up the Netflix queue.

Also given a good eyeballing was Retro Game Master Episode 1: The Mystery of Atlantis, which you may remember as Game Center CX. If not, it's the Japanese television show that's based on the premise of having host/test subject "the Kacho" play hard video games. It has since been turned into its own video game of the same name.


We think Mr. Hawkins sums it up best — and makes the whole thing sound so appealing — with this:

The reason why the show is so beloved becomes almost immediately apparent; the Kacho is just a loveable, everyday kind of guy, who is just as good, and most importantly bad at video games like you. It's not just his choice of games, that being classics from yesterday, but his attitude towards them that makes it all so enjoyable; its not some young kind dealing with the more than peculiar logic of old games without question as we all did, the Kacho is an older dude who wonders why the hell things are the way they are, like we all do when we play something as an adult, with now all this confusion and reasoning.


Excellent stuff. Thanks for the heads up, Matt!

'Cinema Pixeldiso' – New York Asian Film Festival Part 1 [GameSetWatch]