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A Single Sailor Moon Episode Drawn In Over 250 Different Styles. Woah.

If you have twenty minutes to spare and didn't get enough of today's newest episode of the Sailor Moon reboot, then you should totally spend some time watching this parody episode of Sailor Moon. It's kind of incredible.


It's called Moon Animate Make-Up, and it's a project that started back in October 2013. The result is a full-length episode of Sailor Moon drawn by over 200 artists—and watching all episode change styles so often, while initially jarring, is great.

Without spoiling anything, the episode looks at what happens when the Sailor Scouts start bickering. If you'd like to skip right to where the episode starts, go ahead and find the two minute mark—the stuff before that is more behind-the-scenes type animation:

Neat, right? Soon, the episode will include annotations that credit the specific artist responsible for any given scene.


You can check out the project's Tumblr here.

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