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A Simple Game That Can Teach You About Design

I never really understood complementary colors, which makes sense, because I did horribly on that section of Color. It's an incredibly simple game that will drive you mad trying to get a perfect score.


Color is from Method of Action, who host a course called Design For Programmers. As you might imagine, the course attempts to teach design concepts to "analytic and logical thinkers". It seems like Codecademy for design, and I can only assume it was created with the hope of reducing the number of "make me a logo for free" requests designers get. If the entire site is as engaging as Color, they might actually achieve it.

Oh, and if you're colorblind, don't worry! They have a colorblind mode, as well as tablet support!


Color via Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Shawntez Phillips

Complimentary Colors are actually pretty easy to understand.

Still I pretty much gave up looking for classes on this type of thing when I took a design class once and the teacher said you cant step backward more than once in photoshop.