A Self Care Game For The Trashfire That Was 2016

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Self care can seem like an unnecessary indulgence when you’ve got a million things to accomplish. Who has time for a manicure when there’s bills and deadlines? But it turns out being good to yourself, especially when you feel like you can’t or don’t deserve to, can make a huge difference in your outlook. Twine game Self-Love Hotel serves as a reminder to take care of yourself, as well as being an act of self care in itself.


Made for itch.io’s Self Care Jam, a game jam based around the concept of taking care of yourself, Self-Love Hotel has you check into the titular hotel for a night of pampering. You can visit the spa, take a walk through the garden, or grab a bite to eat. Everything is soothing, non-threatening, and slightly whimsical in this emoji-heavy game. Developer Sophie Mallinson notes in her description that this is both a text adventure and a self care guide—maybe if reading about stargazing hits the spot, you could do that in real life, too.

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While nothing can really replace actually taking care of your body and mind, somehow even the reminder of the possibility of self care made feel a little less stressed out today. When you retire for bed in the Self-Love Hotel, the game reminds you that when you wake up, you should probably finish whatever litany of tasks you’re putting aside for the moment. But right now, it’s okay to just rest, even if for just a moment, even if it’s just in a tiny, browser-based game.

For more quiet retreats, you can check out the rest of the games from the jam here, including the music making tool soundgazing, and an Overoptimistic Plant That Takes Care Of You.

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Corel D'artagnan

Can anyone explain why 2016 is perceived as so bad? Im genuinely curious.