A Sandbox Game that Lets You Do Anything. Anything.

In an attempt to better explain what their game is actually about, UemeU's developers put together a new trailer. I think I understand now. And I'm amazed.


Give the trailer a watch here:

It's hard to believe, but all of that, everything, even the spaceship part, is from the same game. It's sandbox taken to its logical extreme: you really can do anything. I'm really excited (and somewhat scared; the internet is a strange place) to see what people will come up with when the full game hits. It should be quite the sight to behold.


You can still check out the buy-in alpha (and its free demo) over at the official website, and there's also a Greenlight page with lots of juicy discussion.

Private Alpha Trailer [ModDB]

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This looks more like a game engine than an actual game. If you really want this much freedom in your sandbox adventures, there's great choices like Unity, Unreal and CryEngine.

Personally I think the term sandbox game should be altered, in order to be a game it must have gameplay elements. If developers just leave it up to players to make the gameplay, then you're not really releasing a game, rather a game engine or a modding tool. Calling something a sandbox game, just because it lets you do anything, feels kinda cheap. Minecraft is a perfect example of a sandbox game, it lets you do whatever you want but within the confines of its gameplay elements.

This evolution in the sandbox genre just feels like it's more engine than game. I realize what the word sandbox entails, but the genre just becomes more and more indefinable, to a point where Epic Games could release UDK and call it a sandbox game.