A Riot Grrl Game Trailer to Remind You That Video Games and Mixtapes Are, Like, Cousins

Think back to when you made mixtapes or burned a specific selection of songs to CD for somebody. What were you trying to do?


You were trying to get across the awesomeness of a set of feelings through a bunch of really cool tracks. There might be some uptempo stuff, really affecting acoustic numbers or maybe it was just unending compilations of Miami booty bass for weeks on end.

This new trailer for Gone Home features killer tunes from Heavens to Betsy and Bratmobile, who'll be making up part of the original soundtrack for the Fullbright Company's upcoming exploration game. I really like this clip a lot because it transports me back to a very specific moment in time from my own life, despite the fact that I didn't have quite the same experiences.

Now, I'm thinking that Gone Home will be a sort of an emotional mixtape, giving you a series of spaces and interactions to walk through. One thing's for sure: when Gone Home comes out for PC, Mac and Linux later this year, it'll have some pretty music inside of it.



The lack of a body and arms annoys me in these kind of games annoys me. If I am playing a character, I shouldn't be a floating camera magically interacting with my environment. Games like Trespasser (as flawed as it was), Mirror's Edge, and to a degree even Battlefield 3, have truly changed the way I play and appreciate first person games.

I know why I am just a floating head (budget/time/animation constraints) but a part of me misses the immersion.