A Real Shooting Range for Call of Duty Fans

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Machine Guns Vegas, a company in...Las Vegas which lets you shoot...machine guns, likes to entice customers with themed package deals. One of those is called the "COD", and lets fans of Activision's Call of Duty series squeeze off rounds from some of the series' most prominent firearms.

For $170 per person, you get 25 rounds with an M4, 20 rounds with an FN Scar, 25 rounds with an Ak-47, 20 rounds with a Beretta M9 and four targets to shoot at.

The trademark-circling continues with the offering's more premium packages: "Elite" offers you more rounds, while "The Compound" offers even more rounds. There's even a "World @ War" pack that swaps out the weapons for Second World War firearms, the difference between it and Activision's Call of Duty: World at War being that one has an "@" in it and the other doesn't.


COD [MGV, via MCV]

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I'm going to wait for the inevitable youtube video of 'Shit that COD fans say at real shooting range'

"Man this M16 is so unrealistic, the sound is all wrong and I can carry way more ammo in teh game!"