A Rare Look at the Blazing-Fast Hands of a StarCraft II Champion

Korean players excel at StarCraft, putting enormous effort into improving their game. We see the results of those efforts in game replays, but rarely do we get to peek over the shoulder of one of the world's top players as their supernatural hands do horrible things to their opposition.

This is Korean pro gamer StarTale_Sound, playing StarCraft II at the WCS Challenger League Qualifiers as Terran against a Zerg opponent.


StarCraft II caster Khaldor was lucky to be able to capture the screen and the hands of Sound. Generally this is not allowed when it comes to Korean pro gamers. People might see certain secret strategies, key bindings and whatnot. I'm just seeing awesome.

FP POW of Sound - Fast APM stye (showing monitor, mouse and keyboard) [YouTube, KhaldorTV]

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Ok so what is the point of spaming the hell out of the units for? It dosn't look like it helping them collect any faster or get to their destination All I see is someone wearing the shit out of his mouse and keyboard and clicking around like a spaz.

I don't play SC2 competitivly so not sure what the point of all this is he is doing.