A Quick Look At Bomberman Ultra

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Hudson brought a few games for fans to try out at Comic-Con. Of course, since one of them was a Bomberman Ultra, I had to get a couple games in.


What Is it?
It's the same Bomberman Live game that was released for XBLA, but now for PSN and with all the extra download packs included.

What we saw?
The demo they had featured a few different selectable maps for anyone to come up and jump right into. There were Hudson staff on hand to help out anyone who was confused about why people were supposed to blow each other up.

How Far Along Is it?
The game is done and comes out at the end of February.

What Needs Improvement?
Well...: At this point in Bomberman's life cycle, it's hard to fine ways to make the game even better.

What Should Stay The Same?
Customization: The say you can customize your own Bomberman with over 150,000 possible combinations. I couldn't examine the extent of the customization at the demo, however.

Pick-Up and Play Approach: The game is really easy to jump right into. I noticed several people, mainly kids, just come up and pick up a controller and get right into it.


Final Thoughts
Uh, it's Bomerman. I can't say I've experienced the multiplayer before in a way that people would be jumping in and out. It was quite fun. I could see this maybe making an excellent party game just to have out.



Should I buy this or just go ahead and get it for XBLA?

XBL is better online-community wise and people playing on PSN might be a little harder.