A Player Made Rocket League In No Man's Sky's Creative Mode

Illustration for article titled A Player Made Rocket League In No Man's Sky's Creative Mode
Screenshot: BoidGaming

Do you like Rocket League, but wish it were in space? A No Man’s Sky player has you covered.


The prolific No Man’s Sky builder BoidGaming, who previously created a combination lock and a giant statue of Borderlands’ Claptrap, made a rudimentary but fully functional version of Rocket League in No Man’s Sky’s creative mode. While it’s not as fast-paced as the real thing, it’s still wild to know you can straight up put a whole other game in your game.

BoidGaming pulled this off with an object available in creative mode that spawns a ball, as well as some pressure plates. Using the exocraft, which are vehicles available in all modes of the game, you can push the ball into a goal, which then turns on a light with the pressure plates.

BoidGaming noted that it’s just the bare bones and that he’d love to see someone recreate this with a scoreboard. I would also love to see that, so get on it, interlopers.


Chuang K.

Halo 5 did it first, but this is still very impressive.

I always love to see other games imitated in the community content of big sandbox games like these. Just the workmanship involved is very daunting by itself!