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A Petition To Change The US National Anthem To...Guile's Theme

Illustration for article titled A Petition To Change The US National Anthem To...Guiles Theme

OK, take your usual cynicism for online petitions and give it a rest for a day. Here's something we can all get behind, even if you're like me and not even an American.


A petition has begun on the White House site to change the American national anthem to Guile's Theme. Unlike most internet petitions, which can and should be ignored, the cool thing about these ones is that if they hit 100,000 signatures, someone has to at least look at it before it goes in the bin.

Which it will, but until then, let us dream of a day ball games are begun not with a homage to the War of 1812, but to a family man with impossible hair.


It's a worthy sentiment. Though really, if change is on the table, can't we get it changed to this instead?

[via Gamefreaks]

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I'm glad that the white house petition website is good for giggles, for telling our government to build a death star, or to deport Justin Bieber, or....this, but, maybe, just maybe, could we collectively grow the fuck up as a nation and try to use it for something serious? Like, say, demanding an extension of the UI benefits or a repeal of the SNAP cuts the Republicans are cockblocking on? Are we a nation of fucking eight year olds? Rhetorical.