There are over 700 games for the Wii U, and one person on Miiverse is trying to collect all of them.

If you scroll all the way down on 47's profile, who sports an Agent 47 from Hitman themed Mii, you’ll see what remains of their adventure collecting games for the Wii U. Their profile only goes back to July 2015, when they were already 279 games deep. Their Miiverse page is mostly a rote list of games they’ve bought, unless they feel strongly about the game in question. They clearly don’t like the games in the Bonk series, for example:

But what’s most interesting is what kinds of games they’re collecting. 47 seems to have a taste for retro games, DS games and offbeat games in particular:

47 also bought this abomination for some reason:

More popular games, like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, they take a little longer to get. As in, they only just bought that first-party game last week:

While 47 usually just posts new finds with no commentary, they’ll sometimes clearly be moved to make a comment. The first time they did this was after buying a Harvest Moon game on Virtual Console:

But they did get extremely hype for Vektor Wars:

47 is also an avid 3DS player, and once ended up buying a Disney 2-Pack (Frozen and Big Hero 6) by accident, and after they finished playing it, offered a brief review.

It’s really nice to watch someone enjoy video games in the exact way they want to, playing games a little bit off the beaten path. Sadly, 47 has bought a Switch and they said in a comment for a screenshot of the game World Sports Competition, “Unless I find games in a bargain bin, I don’t think I’ll get anymore Wii U games.” That was on April 22nd, and 47 hasn’t quite kept their word. They’re not collecting with quite so much vigour as before, but they’ve bought four new games since then. If you wish to take up collecting Wii U games, 47 has a tip: