"A Next Metal Gear" Revealed In A Few Weeks, Says Kojima

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Metal Gear Solid maestro Hideo Kojima spoke up on that cryptic teaser that hinted at the "next Metal Gear" at the Spike TV VGAs that we should hear something more "literally in a few weeks."

Kojima urged fans, via 1UP, that they should hold tight "just a little bit longer" for a public announcement about the mystery Metal Gear project. In the meantime, speculation runs wild. Will it be an Xbox 360 port of Metal Gear Solid 4? An iPhone game? A Nintendo DSi game?


Whatever Kojima's next project is, he indicates that its "still in preparation mode." We're reinforcing the Kotaku Tower bunker to protect against the imminent backlash of whatever Konami and Co. have cooked up.

Kojima Says Wait a Few More Weeks For Big Reveal [1UP]

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I have a feeling that I am going to be really, really disappointed.