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A New Zero is the Coolest Shooter I've Seen in Years

It may not look like much, but it's got it where it counts.

The game you're about to see here is A New Zero. It's under 1MB in size. And is built entirely on procedurally-generated animation.


A project that's been underway for over four years now, it's built entirely on physics, meaning every single thing that happens is the result of forces being applied to objects, and not some pre-determined piece of code.

This makes things a little wobbly, but in terms of potential and a unique experience, this is right up there.


While the video above shows infantry footage, the currently-available build (which is multiplayer-ready) only has vehicles.

You can grab it below.

A New Zero [Game Site, via SalsaShark @ NeoGAF]

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I think "procedurally animated" would be a more accurate description than "requires no animation."

I'm totally going to follow the development of this game.