A New Look For Kotaku! (And...psst.... A Link To The Older Look)

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Screenshot: Kotaku

Whoa! What’s this? Kotaku has a new layout today, one designed to emphasize the wide range of coverage our team brings to you every day. Our new layout showcases the day’s biggest stories up top and spotlights key topics, stories, videos, reviews, and features all the way down the page. Scroll down and check it out.

We hope some of you will love this, but I know that many of our most loyal readers like to visit Kotaku several times a day and want to know what’s new, by the minute. For those readers, I want to direct you to two things: 1) The “Latest” column a little ways down the page, which will always show our newest posts. 2) A new URL: kotaku.com/latest that will give you the reverse-chronological Kotaku feed that readers have been familiar with for years.


Our new layout is highly customizable, and we’ll be tweaking it in the days and weeks to come as we learn what works best. For now, you’ll see blocks that showcase major news events, blocks that highlight our posts of the best games, blocks featuring our newest cosplay and anime posts, and so much more. We saved a particularly fun block for the bottom. Want to see a block of posts that isn’t there? Let us know.

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It’s fucking awful!! but thank god for that latest tab!