A New Horizon of Animal Crossing Conspiracy Theories

Look, we already know how great, amazing, blissful, etc. life in the Animal Crossing universe can be, especially when you compare it to this mess of a simulation some say is reality.

Back in the year of March, we welcomed the latest installment of New Horizons just as the X-Men alternate universe version of the flu started to kick our ass. It was hailed as a digital travel salvation, with many singing its mental healthcare praises. Nintendo had, it seems, released a virtual vacation package and therapist combined, a bundle real-world travel agents might want to consider.


But at some point, running errands for your charming squirrel neighbor ain’t enough to distract you from the slight, yet noticeable, cracks in this handheld utopia. Perhaps some things are too good to be true.

In this spooky sequel to Animal Crossing: Conspiracy Theories, we ask and attempt to answer a new set of questions we just can’t shake.


Who, or what, exactly is Jack, the self-proclaimed Czar of Halloween?

Whatever happened to the original mayor in 2012’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf, who peaced out and ditched you with the job?

We are the only human resident in our towns, yet not once do the other villagers mention it. In fact, no one ever calls you a ‘human.’ So... are we?

More mysteries await us just beyond the horizon in this second installment of Animal Crossing: Conspiracy Theories. And if you have any additional video game theories of your own that you’d like to share–Animal Crossing or not–let me know: I’m ready to be enlightened.

Creative Producer and a Cubanasa from the 305.

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In fact, no one ever calls you a ‘human.’

FACT CHECK: Flick, in fact, does call you human!