"A new era of deep, immersive, high definition gaming." This time, Sony remembers the PlayStation 3.

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Captain Midnight

My first console was a ColecoVision when I was like 10 years old. I pretty much have owned them all at some point. The PSX was the best. As the jump from the 2-D sprite based gaming of the SNES and Genesis to 3-D gaming of the PSX was ground breaking. The PS3 was the first one I skipped, as it seemed way to expensive at launch and not much better than the 360 I already had. Also got tired of same old games, just slightly prettier. I really hope Sony bring something truly next gen like 4K or 6MP passive 3D capability, even though the market for them is current non-exsistant. And I hope the multiplayer PSN is overbuilt for no lag gaming and constant up time. I think they learned from there past mistake and they have a chance to win me back with hardcore gaming instead of the "steaming video" device the Xbox has become.